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Helping Clients In Loan Modifications

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments, a New Jersey loan modification might be the answer. Years ago, if you were behind in your mortgage, the only question was whether or not you could bring it current. If not, you were facing foreclosure.

Since 2008, with the banking and mortgage crisis, there has been an ever-increasing area of practice that includes foreclosure defense and loan modification. Loan modification is available to anyone, but various programs are targeted to different situations. The Law Offices of Franklin S. Montero in Clifton, New Jersey, will focus on the process, regardless of which program best suits you.

Providing Answers And Resolution

The most important thing to remember if you have fallen behind in your mortgage is that you still have a chance to obtain a modification, even if you haven’t paid in years. In most cases, the bank or lender does not want your home. They already have a large backlog of homes in inventory and would prefer to work out some mortgage resolution that does not involve them taking title and possession of your home.

Despite the abrupt and often rude agents that you might encounter when dealing with your lender, a modification is possible. The key here is to find an attorney who is experienced in loan modifications. We have the skills to help you obtain a loan modification in New Jersey.

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If you have fallen behind in mortgage payments, we can help you work out a loan modification with your lender. The Law Offices of Franklin S. Montero in Clifton, New Jersey, has guided many clients in real estate law matters, helping many remain in their homes. Contact us through this online form or call 973-869-5556 . Se habla español.