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Why permanent residency might not be permanent

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Immigration |

As a Venezuelan, you will be used to change. A few years ago, you may have had a good job, owned your home and been sure of a good education for your children. Then you saw it all disappear.

Like many who come to the United States, you might be seeking to get a green card and permanent resident status. The name suggests that once you get it, nothing can take it away. Yet as some have found out to their cost, that is not entirely true.

There are several ways to lose your green card

Losing your physical green card is not that much of a deal. You can get a replacement. Yet, losing your right to one is a massive problem. While you might dream of returning home at some point, losing permanent resident status could see that happen before you are ready. Here are some reasons the authorities could take away your green card:

  • You do not renew it in time: Ensure you allow plenty of time to complete the application when it is time to renew.
  • You stay out of the country too long: Your family may have split up across the globe, and you may wish to see them. As a green card holder, you can leave the country. Yet you cannot stay away too long, or immigration officials may claim you are not acting as a permanent resident.
  • You get a criminal conviction: Some crimes are severe enough to cost your green card. A selection of lesser offenses could do the same.

Most people that get a green card have few problems retaining it. Yet unexpected things can happen, which could put it at risk. If they do, it is vital to seek legal help to protect your immigration status.