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Venezuelan immigrants overcome many obstacles

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Immigration |

Many people think that coming to the United States is easy, but the truth is that there are a lot of obstacles for people who come here. Venezuelans haven’t historically been a large immigrant group in the U.S. Now that the country is on the Temporary Protected Status list, individuals who are coming here from there must be prepared for life in this country. 

Because of the small number of immigrants from Venezuela, people who are immigrating into the country might not be able to draw on a large support system like individuals who are coming from other countries. There are several challenges that Venezuelan immigrants may have to deal with when they’re in the U.S. 

Two important things everyone should know about Venezuelan immigrants

Many Venezuelan immigrants aren’t proficient in English, which can make it hard to communicate here. On average, around 17% of all immigrants speak English at home. When it comes to individuals from Venezuela, however, only around 6% speak English at home. Without the ability to communicate effectively in English while in the United States, difficulties with education, medical care and daily living can occur. 

The good news is that Venezuelan individuals are known for their tenacity and ability to adapt. When it comes to immigrants, Venezuelans have higher participation in the labor force of this country than other immigrants. A downside to this is that the median household income for Venezuelans is $56,000, which is lower than that of other foreign or native populations.

The number of Venezuelan immigrants who are coming to the U.S. has increased considerably in recent years. This is expected to continue since the country is on the TPS list.  Working with an immigration attorney who’s familiar with the TPS process is wise. Please continue reviewing our website for more information on this topic.