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People from Venezuela can apply for Temporary Protected Status

| May 13, 2021 | Immigration |

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sets policy for who can enter the country. They also handle individual cases for those hoping to enter or stay in the United States. However, other government agencies can influence what the USCIS does.

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security issued a notice that could affect current residents and immigrants from Venezuela. For 18 months, beginning on March 9, 2021, those from Venezuela hoping to enter the United States can apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Due to conditions in Venezuela that have destabilized the political environment and because of concerns about violence, the United States will no longer force qualifying Venezuelan to exit the United States.

How do you qualify for TPS if you are from Venezuela?

You need to reside in the United States and meet certain eligibility requirements in order to qualify for TPS as a Venezuelan. If granted, TPS will protect you from enforced departure or deportation.

As with anyone else hoping to utilize immigration processes in the United States, those applying for TPS must pass both background and security checks. They will also need to demonstrate that they are from Venezuela or lived in Venezuela most recently before entering the country. By applying for TPS, Venezuelan nationals can avoid being sent back to a country where they may become victims of violence or suffer a much worse quality of life due to infrastructure concerns and governmental issues.

Immigration applications can be very difficult to fill out on your own behalf, and partnering with a legal professional can assist you in avoiding mistakes that might prevent you from securing TPS.