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Immigrating to America? Tell your attorney everything

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2021 | Immigration |

Everyone who immigrates to America has their own history. They have different experiences and lives that could affect their right to come to the country.

If you are trying to immigrate to America or are currently living in America hoping to obtain permanent resident status, make sure you are honest with your attorney when filling out your applications.

Did you know that you are protected with attorney-client privilege?

Many people don’t tell their attorney everything about their personal situation, because they’re worried that admitting they’re in trouble or that there is a problem could hurt their case. They may not want to admit that they don’t meet all the qualifications to come to the U.S. or that they haven’t actually met a potential spouse.

To be clear, it’s important that your attorney knows everything about your case. When they know what you’re going through, they’ll be able to help you better. They will have the opportunity to look into ways to support you and find laws or rulings that work in your favor.

Why would a U.S. citizenship application, visa, or permanent residence be denied?

If your attorney is helping you with your citizenship application or a visa, remember that you could face a denial for various reasons. For example, you could lose permanent residency if you go out of the country for too long. You could be denied a fiancé/e visa if you can’t prove that you have a relationship with the other person that is legitimate. If your petitioner doesn’t have enough money, then you could be denied other visa types as well.

Every part of the immigration process has a set of requirements that you will need to meet. If you are concerned that you may not be able to meet them or that something in your life may not allow you to qualify for the visa that you’re seeking, then it is important to be clear about your concerns early on during the application process. Your attorney can talk to you about all the factors that may impact you. Be honest, so that you can both know what to expect and prepare to put in an application that is both valid and likely to be approved.