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On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | Municipal Court |

Anyone who’s ever been in a motor vehicle accident is familiar with the Police Accident report, but few realize what all the numbers on each margin and at the bottom mean.  That’s because they are codes which further explain what the police believe happened and who was at fault.  Those codes are meaningless to you unless you have access to the Motor Vehicle Accident Codes chart.

Quite often a careful examination of the chart will reveal an inaccurate or just plain wrong description of what happened and who was at fault.  That’s why its imperative that if you are involved in an accident that you obtain the Police Accident report as soon as its available and bring it to an attorney for review.  If there are errors or omissions, you can bring them to the police department and have them corrected.  You should act quickly while the incident is still fresh in the officer’s mind and make sure you bring whatever documentation available to support your position.

The reasons for this are many, but most importantly it might cost you a lot of money if you were wrongly deemed to be the guilty party and you are sued.  In addition, your insurance rates will increase needlessly.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident with significant damage to one or both vehicles, please contact me, Frank Montero, a call so that I can review the report.