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The Home Inspection Report

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Home Inspection Report Importance

After the new attorney contract is agreed to by both parties. The buyer must then obtain a home inspection report within 14 days in most cases. This report is very important. Your home inspector will go over the house very carefully to determine what if anything needs repair or replacement and will test all systems. A radon test will be performed, along with a pest inspection and heating and air conditioning examination. You will then be presented with the written report of what has been found. Pursuant to the contract you may opt out of the purchase if the inspection shows serious problems with the house.

The contract will usually specify what is considered serious, such as costing over $500.00 to repair. Or, based on the home inspection report, you may advise the seller that certain things must be fixed or that you want a reduction in the sales price. You might also be able to assume some of the warranties on major appliances. As you can see, this is a very crucial step in the home buying process and you should pay very close attention to this report and your rights.

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