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NJ DUI DWI Attorney

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You should always consult with an attorney concerning a charge of DUI or DWI, even if you believe that there is no chance of successfully challenging the offense. No other area of Municipal Court practice is more serious and as a consequence this is absolutely the time to seek legal representation. As stated above, even if you are going to be convicted, you really should retain the services of an attorney because the fines and penalties have a wide range, which the Prosecutor and Judge can select from. (See attached Violation, Fines and Penalties)

NJ DUI DWI Attorney

Quite often when issued a ticket for DUI or DWI in New Jersey, you are also facing multiple other charges as the officer probably observed some other act or offense; probable cause for the initial stop. A competent attorney should be able to have some of the lesser charges dismissed or merged into the charge to which you eventually plead guilty. If you have any hopes of defeating a charge of DUI or DWI, you will without a doubt need the services of an attorney.

Despite the serious nature of the offense and the dire consequences of a conviction, New Jersey law mandates that all such offenses be concluded in several months. That may not sound like a short time, but when you consider how devastating the loss of your driving privileges can be on you life, it is an extremely short time to prepare and present your defense. You will most likely need to retain at least one expert, maybe several and assure that any witnesses or doctors are available at trial. All of this must be strictly adhered to according to a schedule placed on the record in writing after your first Court appearance. Thereafter, your attorney will need to obtain a copy of the State’s case against you, known as “discovery” and review it for every detail that might help your case. This includes minor things that you or an inexperienced attorney would never even focus on. Just one such minor detail may mean the difference between a complete acquittal or a conviction. Mr. Montero knows what to look for and will give you an honest and complete appraisal of your chances at trial and guide you through this process, if you choose to contest the charges. If, however, you decide that you cannot win your case, you should still appear with an attorney for all the same reasons stated above.

Mr. Montero will evaluate your NJ DUI DWI case free of charge and advise you of the likely possible outcomes. Call Mr. Montero for a free in-office consultation.