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| Aug 1, 2016 | Family Law |

Family Law Attorney Franklin Montero

Family Law
Family Law

NJ Family law is more emotionally charged than any other area of the legal profession. It takes a special temperament as an attorney to handle the demands of the dissolution of a marriage and family. It is also necessary to be able to manage your client’s expectations in order to reach a fair and equitable settlement. Whether your are in need of an attorney to handle your divorce from the very beginning or you need issues of child support, custody or alimony/spousal support addressed after obtaining a divorce, Mr. Montero will represent your interests and those of your children vigorously and thoughtfully.

Mr. Montero will guide you through the dissolution of your marriage and the division of property, assets and liabilities. He will also ensure that you obtain any support for you or your children that you might be entitled to as well as visitation or custody.

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